DIY Christmas Tree Stands Ideas with Recycled Items

The artificial Christmas tree needs a base to stand on but often the one provided is not very attractive.

DIY Christmas Tree Stands Ideas

If we don't like the stand for our Christmas tree or it is broken we can try to disguise it or replace it with creative and low-cost homemade solutions.

Also in case we wanted to make a DIY Christmas tree we would probably need to create a stand that can support it properly.

In short, the support for the tree is an essential element and since at the base of the Christmas tree are usually placed the gifts, its appearance is even more important.

In this article we would like to show you some alternative and DIY solutions to create truly original bases or to mask the metal tripods that usually accompany the purchase of an artificial tree.

Recycled tire at the base of the tree

If you have a car tire forgotten in the garage, better if it is still in fair condition but maybe no longer suitable to be mounted on the car, here you can recycle it to make the base of your tree.

It is important to clean and dry the rubber well before painting it with a spray paint that matches the colors of our tree.

The metal base of the tree can be placed inside the tire so that it remains hidden.

tire as stand for xmas tree

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A Christmas tree in a wood barrel

If you have a large tree, a wooden barrel can be used to create the base of the tree.

If the barrel is deep it is obvious that inside it should be put a raised floor on which to place the tripod of the tree itself.

The effect you get is warm and rustic.

wood barrel as stand for xmas tree


Wooden crate

If you have leftover laths and boards from some DIY project done previously here is a nice idea to reuse them at Christmas time creating a simple and cute tree stand.

The work will not take more than an hour and the box can then be painted the color you like.

Once disassembled the tree will be useful to store other items, and if you take care to create a cover you can also protect them from dust.

wood crate as stand for christmas tree

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A lampshade as a base for the tree

A large enough lampshade can be used to shield the metal tripod of the tree.

The effect is really unique and fits nicely in a shabby chic style decor.

lampshade as stand for xmas tree


The tree in the baby carriage

If you have a baby carriage that is a museum piece and you would never even dare to think of transporting a child in it, here's that you could recycle the lower part and place instead of the actual cradle a metal tub.

Inside the tub you will place the tree stand. You will then have a tree that you can move with ease and that, above all, will not go unnoticed.

baby carriage christmas tree stand

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A Christmas tree on a sleigh

When real fir trees were still used much more than artificial ones, perhaps the sleigh was the most convenient way to transport them home, once cut.

The sleigh makes Christmas, there is little to do, and the union of the sleigh with the tree and some other rustic element such as a wicker basket, in which to place the tree, creates a magical atmosphere at a ridiculously low cost.

A Christmas tree on a sleigh

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The tree in the bucket

Old buckets are great for tabletop trees because they are smaller and easier to handle.

Take this bucket for example, it can't hold a large tree, but if you add a little weight, it can become a pretty stable and solid base.

Christmas tree in the bucket

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Gift box as Christmas tree stand

This idea is super inexpensive and all you need is a cardboard box of the right size to make it.

The box, then covered with wrapping paper, will be used to disguise the tree tripod.

Gift box as Christmas tree stand

Here the tutorial:

Christmas tree in a wheelbarrow

After seeing the tree in a baby carriage and the tree on a sleigh, here is the tree in a wheelbarrow.

It would take an old wooden wheelbarrow for the work to be successful.

Of course, making the base of the tree out of a wheelbarrow requires quite a bit of space and the ideal location for this tree would be on a covered porch.

Notice how the pastel color of the wheelbarrow has also been taken up on the pine cones that decorate the tree.

Christmas tree in a wheelbarrow

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An earthen vase as a tree base

A large earthen pot, then covered with rope, can provide a rustic support for the tree.

In this case, the tripod that came with the tree will not be able to find a place, so you will have to fill the terracotta pot (or a smaller pot placed inside it) with soil and then stick the support pole into it.

An earthen vase as a tree stand

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Wooden log as a base for the tree

Wooden logs can be used in various circumstances to create small tables, chairs, bedside tables etc..

Their disadvantage is to be quite heavy but that disadvantage, in case we want to use a log to get the base for the Christmas tree, becomes a merit.

It would be good to have a tree stump with the bark still attached and therefore freshly cut. Just create a hole in the center where to place the rod of the tree and that's it.

Wooden log as a base for the tree

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A jute bag to cover the tripod

In this case, the purpose is simply to hide the metal support of the tree.

Nothing easier than doing it with a jute bag placed at the base. Rustic but effective result.

jute bag to cover the tripod of the Christmas tree

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DIY crate as a base for the tree

When you adopt unconventional Christmas tree ornaments, the base of the tree should also be unconventional.

Creating this crate is a breeze and drawing an arrow on it directed towards the North Pole is a brilliant idea.

DIY crate as a base for the tree

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Tree in the bucket

Again a galvanized metal bucket to support small trees, perhaps to be placed on a piece of furniture.

The bucket is filled with pebbles to make the base more stable.

Tree in the bucket


Recycled pallets for Christmas tree base

If your tree has a large size you can create a sort of platform made of wood pallets.

After the holidays you can recycle the wood again to create a bench and "fence" the trunk of a tree in the garden.

Recycled pallets for Christmas tree base

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A woven basket as a base

Woven baskets can be created from many materials including rush, wicker, etc.

If you own an old, weathered looking basket take this opportunity to give it a new life by using it as a base for your Christmas tree.

woven basket as a base


Base on casters

If you are among those who like to change the position of furniture often, the idea of having a tree base on wheels will be for you.

The platform on wheels will allow you to move the tree wherever you like. The casters with the locking system are preferred over the free ones to prevent the tree from moving at the slightest touch.

stand on casters

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Painted wooden box

Red is the color of Christmas and this box used as a container for the tree echoes that.

Once Christmas is over, if you take care to protect the wood internally with tar, it can be transformed into a beautiful vase for a small tree like a Japanese maple.

Painted wooden box

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