DIY Mirrors Frames

What would a world without mirrors look like? Hard to imagine, isn't it? Mirrors reflect us, hiding in this feature always something magical and elusive.

DIY mirror frame

In this article we try to offer a small contribution of ideas to give a "dress" to these objects that populate the homes (and not only) of all of us and we do it by relying on some projects that can be easily replicated by lovers of DIY.

The dress of the mirror is, if you like, its frame; a mirror without a frame does not stop "working" but loses its relevance, just like a painting.

We do not pretend to be the least bit exhaustive since the ideas for creating or embellishing frames can be virtually endless, we have only selected a few contributions that seemed particularly successful.

The relationship between the mirror and its frame can be both balanced and conflicting, in the sense that the frame could be, between the two, the dominant element of which the mirror itself is nothing more than a complementary element; this is all the more true when the mirror is custom cut to fit the frame and not, as in other cases, when we are going to customize an existing frame.

As you can see from the gallery of images, the main material for the realization of frames is certainly wood but, in fact, any other material (even a copper tray) can be used to frame the mirror.

When you go to customize a frame everything is made easier if the frame is flat and without moldings that would make the anchorage of various materials (generally fixed with hot glue) much more problematic.

A note, finally, regarding the shape; we are often inclined to imagine the mirror surface as rectangular, square or, at most, circular or oval, but in reality the mirror can virtually merge with the frame so that the mirror surface takes on irregular shapes, unusual. Certainly, not the best for those who use the mirror to do their make-up, but extremely suggestive for those who consider the mirror as a piece of furniture.

Copper tray mirror frame

On the bottom of this large copper tray was placed the appropriately shaped mirror, a unique way to serve your own reflected image.

copper tray mirror frame DIY


DIY mirror frame with wooden discs

This frame is great for rustic settings. It is made with slices of wood from a branch and cut at the same height.

DIY mirror frame with wooden discs

Frame with paper napkins

Decorated paper towels can be used with a kind of decoupage to revitalize an anonymous mirror frame.
DIY mirror frame with paper towels

DIY natural wood mirror frame

This mirror frame shows how it is possible for the mirror to fit the frame and not the other way around.
DIY natural wood mirror frame

Mirror frame made by pennies

Coating a mirror frame with copper pennies is as simple as it is beautiful in its end result.
DIY pennies mirror frame

DIY rope mirror frame

Made like a wreath this circular mirror frame uses simple rope. Unsuitable for damp environments.
DIY Rope mirror frame

Old wood mirror frame

Sometimes the older the wood gets, the more charm and personality it acquires. Old planks can be recycled to create a mirror like this one. This type of mirror recommends the use of wall anchors and not dowels, to make it even more rustic.
drifted wood mirror frame

Drop shaped mirror frame

A mirror may not even have a frame. This is demonstrated by these drop mirrors.
drop shaped mirror frame

Mirror frame with old barrel wood

The idea behind the realization of this frame is really good. It 'was reused part of the wood of an old barrel and the mirror is obviously circular in shape.
frame with old barrel wood

DIY frame with recycled wood

A few sticks completely dry and without bark, a little hot glue and you have a frame, which simulates a nest, at a ridiculously low cost.
frame with recycled wood

Paper roll mirror frame

A bit laborious to make this frame, which involves creating a large number of straws with sheets of paper from weeklies rolled up and then glued together.
paper roll mirror frame

Ragged mirror frame DIY

A set of wooden sticks that are distributed in a radial pattern, almost forming a sun. This mirror has a purely decorative function.
ragged mirror frame DIY