Horror Garden Gnomes: the scariest gnomes you've ever seen

What would happen if, all of a sudden, at night, you discovered that your garden gnomes had turned into zombies?

Scary horror gnomes

No, this isn't the plot of a horror movie involving garden gnomes suddenly transforming and revolting on their homeowners. It could become one, though...

Garden gnomes have become, for some, a symbol of kitsch but surely these truculent gnomes, with guts showing and empty eye sockets, will escape the stereotypes of the reassuring gnomes that are supposed to give the garden a magical, fairy-like touch.

horror version garden gnomes

A group of Canadian artists obsessed with the most famous horror movies has decided to start producing these very unreassuring gnomes that in addition to populating the garden we could imagine populating the underground of the garden as well.

brain eating gnome

Here then arise these garden gnomes in zombie version, with open mouths, covered in blood, and looking very rotten that certainly will not make the joy of your neighbor but, on the other hand, will move the attention from the garden of your neighbor to yours.

horror gnome

Is the grass always greener on the other side? Then you need to find something to differentiate yourself! And what better than these splatter gnomes? These make their "nice" impression even in a fallow garden full of weeds!

But if you don't feel like having an eye on these undead gnomes then consider that at least on certain occasions, like Halloween, they could give your garden that extra something, that creepy touch of disgust that the holiday requires.

scary zombie gnomes

In the case, on Amazon you can also find gnomes more traditional but equally original: HORROR MOVIE GNOMES GARDEN

If you want a further reason to buy these zombie gnomes, here it is: there is no certainty that the Garden Gnome Liberation Front would be interested in kidnapping them in order to set them free; after all they are zombie gnomes and unless they want to bury them and give them eternal peace, why would they kidnap them? :D

zombie gnomes

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