How To Get a Fabulous Photo Booth Frame On A Tight Budget

A selfie frame, or photo booth frame, is nothing more than a large frame within which you can depict yourself.

Photo Booth Frame DIY

There are various types and for a variety of occasions:

  • Birthday frames
  • Frames for graduation party
  • Frames for New Year's Eve and other holidays

In fact, by means of these frames it is very difficult to take selfies, as it is necessary to have a friend or relative to take our picture and then share it on social networks.

These gadgets, in fact, are the natural evolution of cardboard silhouettes, those silhouettes for taking funny pictures that were very fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s and that, to tell the truth, you can still buy.

In the age of social networks, there has been a shift toward frames that, often, echo the graphics of the most popular social media, from Facebook to Youtube, from Twitter to Instagram.

Online it is very easy to find and purchase these photo booth frames, but it is just as easy to make them at home with DIY.

The frames you can find online are usually made of ultralight foam PVC or cardboard.

The advantage of buying these frames is that they are ready-made and also affordable. In most cases they can also be largely customized.

The disadvantage is that they are delivered folded, for space reasons, and that the material from which they are made, which is extremely thin, makes it difficult to keep them rigid.

Let's see, then, what materials to use and how we can make use of DIY to make our own absolutely customized photo booth selfie frame.

Cardboard photo booth frame

Cardboard, which is extremely cheap and readily available, is the most obvious material for making a photo booth frame.

However, cardboard has the same problems as the frames you buy online: it is difficult to keep it rigid and prevent it from bending a bit when you hold it.

For this reason, we recommend using fairly thick cardboard or gluing two or more layers of thinner cardboard.

The cardboard will be the base of the frame but then it will obviously need to be embellished and finished.

For this, a properly cut bristol sheet can be glued over it and then, if we are good at decoupage, we can customize the frame in any way we want.

PVC selfie frame

In DIY centers it is easy to find sheets of PVC of little thickness, and therefore very light, suitable for making a frame.

The disadvantage is that in order to make the frame, most of the sheet itself, i.e., the inner part, will have to be removed, thus increasing the quantity/price ratio.

The thinner the PVC sheet, the more the frame will tend to flex.

Beyond the material chosen for the frame, it can then be fully customized through the use of decoupage and Mod Podge, a glue and finish that is ideal for all DIY work.

Polystyrene or polyurethane photo booth frames

Increasing the thickness of the material also increases the stability of the frame, which will remain rigid and always in shape.

With an increase in thickness, however, one must try not to match an increase in weight as well.

Polystyrene or polyurethane foam panels lend themselves well, since they remain very light.

The problem of losing much of the material could arise again exactly as was proposed for the PVC frame.

In the case of polystyrene, however, recycled pieces can be assembled if we have the foresight to glue them all to a rigid support such as can be an underlying wooden frame composed of thin strips.

For polystyrene and polyurethane, hot cutting is recommended to keep the edges of the cut perfectly clean.

Of course, the whole can always be covered with a Bristol paper or cardboard and then decorated as we like.

Wooden selfie frames

Once you have run out of lightweight materials to use, there is nothing to stop you from using even heavy recycled materials such as wood and other materials.

A rustic frame can be made by recycling the planks of a pallet properly disassembled and sawn.

The planks, in much the same way as when making a picture frame, should be joined at the corners by special metal squares.

As the weight of the frame increases, it becomes really problematic to hold such a photo booth and therefore a support system or, even better, a ceiling suspension system must be prepared, of course choosing the right type of wood will keep the weight within fair limits.

In that case, to take the photo, it will be enough to stand behind the frame without having to support it with arm strength.

Picture frames turned into selfie frames

An old picture frame can be customized and then used as a photo booth frame.

You will hardly find a frame at least as large as the photo booth frames you can buy online, but if we want to frame just the face or a little more, that's fine too.

In short, the new year is approaching, and a DIY selfie frame may be just the right idea for having fun and entertaining, taking nice pictures and involving a large number of people.

On the flip side, if we want to celebrate a specific event such as a wedding, birthday or graduation party, we will need to personalize our frame as much as possible and apply the name of the birthday person and/or the date of the event to it.

Maybe we will only use the frame once, in the latter case, but it will still be worth it.