How To Grow Strawberries Vertically

It's a fact that our gardens are getting smaller and smaller, especially in the city, and so we need to get ingenious.

Growing strawberries vertcally

Vertical cultivation is not new, but it is not so much used outside of professional cultivation either.

Growing vertically means making the most of the little space you have available, especially for those crops whose root system does not need deep soil to expand.

Strawberries are among the most suitable plants to be grown vertically and in this article we will give examples of some systems to do so.

Besides, having fresh strawberries from your own garden or orchard is a great satisfaction.

Growing strawberries on the ground does in fact have its disadvantages:

  • strawberry offshoots, if not controlled, tend to colonize the soil covering practically all the useful surface
  • in order to guarantee the best healthiness of the fruits they should not come into direct contact with the ground
  • therefore it is necessary to mulch the soil or lay down appropriate sheets before planting
  • strawberry plants cultivated on the ground occupy a considerable space despite having a modest root system
  • in the period of ripening of strawberries there are large quantities of fruits and harvesting on the ground becomes a nightmare for the spine

For all these reasons, and also for others that I may have omitted, growing strawberries vertically is a solution to be taken into serious consideration.

Growing strawberries vertically means saving space and effort during harvesting, as well as saving many operations which are generally connected to the cultivation on the ground: insect infestation, mold generation, etc.

The advice is always to aim for flowering plants which can guarantee a prolonged production rather than one concentrated in just two/three weeks. With re-flowering strawberries it is possible to eat these juicy fruits from May until late autumn (weather permitting).

So let's take a look at some of the most interesting ideas you can find on the web.

Below each image you can also find the link to the tutorial that will explain how to best achieve the project.

Each of these projects is based, in its own way, also on the wise use of water that, in a vertical plant, ends up irrigating the plants "by gravity". Again, this is a nice saving compared to the optimal drip irrigation that would be required for an in-ground system.

Growing strawberries in big baskets

Who among us has never received as a gift, at Christmas or Easter, a gift basket containing many delicacies?

At the end of the holidays these baskets, usually made of wicker, end up being thrown away also because they are quite bulky.

Well, maybe it is the case to keep them to grow strawberries in them by hanging them at eye level in our garden.

Obviously it is necessary to put a plastic sheet inside the basket in order to prevent the earth from leaking out of the possible cracks, to prevent the water from dispersing too quickly and to prevent the basket from rotting in contact with water.

strawberries in big baskets

Here the tutorial:

Growing strawberries in old gutters

Old gutters can be filled with soil and strawberry plants can find their place there.

The gutters can be hung on a wall well exposed to the sun and placed horizontally or at a slight angle so that excess water does not stagnate but flows from the gutters on higher floors into those on lower floors.

strawberries in old gutters

Here the tutorial:

Growing strawberries in recycled pallets

The pallets, we know, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all lovers of DIY in the mood for recycling.

In this case with pallets you can create planters in which to plant our strawberry plants.

The addition of straw or hay has the function of containing the soil, keeping it cool and reducing the need for irrigation.

What you get is basically a raised bed of cultivation that facilitates many operations and avoids backaches.

strawberries in recycled pallets

Here the tutorial:

Vertical growing inside PVC pipes

It sometimes happens that you have large diameter PVC pipes after the construction of a new house.

Often these pipes end up being stored somewhere not knowing what to do with them. In the worst cases they end up being thrown away.

By placing PVC pipes vertically, almost like towers, you can grow strawberries in them.

To do this you need to create several alternating holes in the pipe and then, starting from the bottom, fill the pipe with soil and, once you reach the level of the hole, place a strawberry plant.

Continue in this way until the tube is completely filled.

The holes we are going to create with a hole cutter must not be too wide in order to prevent the soil from coming out.

Watering will be done from above by gravity.

growing strawberries inside PVC pipes

Tutorial here:

Strawberries grown vertically in cans

Aluminum cans can be found in every kitchen. At best, they end up being thrown in the glass bin and avoided for recycling.

Aluminum is a safe material in which many foods are stored. We can then recycle some of the cans ourselves and then grow our own plants in them and hang them in the garden as small lanterns.

Of course, their capacity is limited and so is the soil they can hold. Theoretically, even the strawberry, although not very demanding, would need more space to expand its root system.

Strawberries grown vertically in cans

Here the tutorial:

Growing strawberries in stacked pots

Very often those who love to grow flowers also find themselves with a series of plastic pots they don't know what to do with.

Even just thinking about the chrysanthemum plants, which many of us bring to our loved ones on the day of the dead and which, once they have faded, we have to throw away or bring back home, we should have some pots available that we can reuse.

Well, these pots can be stacked one on top of the other to create small towers in which to grow strawberries.

In order to make the whole thing more stable, it would be a good idea to place an iron stake in the center of the tower that will be driven directly into the ground.

strawberries in stacked pots

Here the tutorial:

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