3 Quick Checks To Do Around The House This Spring

With the onset of spring and beautiful warm days, we can start working on the outside of our homes and there is no shortage of checks to be done.

Checks for the house in spring

The spring cleaning that many of us do inside our homes can be extended to the outside as well, to ensure that our gutters and roofs are in perfect working order, for example.

The weight of winter snow and ice may have compromised the proper alignment of gutters and caused cracking at weak points.

Theoretically, the gutters should have been serviced as early as the end of autumn, precisely to ensure that water runs off perfectly.

However, we can take advantage of the first violent spring downpours to see if there are any leaks in the stormwater runoff system, if there are points where the water does not flow well.

And if we don't feel like going out with an umbrella to do this kind of check, we can always use a water hose to make sure.

When doing these checks, we will also need to make sure that the downspouts are not clogged with leaves and debris.

Always remember to use great caution when there is a need to climb on the roof of your home, if we are not sure let's rely on a skilled craftsman.

From below, however, we can remove deposits of sand and leaves that have accumulated inside the drainage wells of the downspouts.

Checks to be done on the roof

The winter frost can cause a lot of damage, this we know well, and because of the alternation of frost and thaw, infiltration can cause the breakage of even the most resistant materials.

It is therefore necessary to replace the tiles that have broken and put back in place those that have moved.

The type of tile covering the roof greatly affects the possibility of damage during the winter. Roofs covered with tiles, for example, are more prone to displacement of individual tiles.

With the end of winter and frost, on the other hand, you may notice some seepage in the attics, precisely due to the displacement of the tiles and some cracks in the tar sheathing.

Another part to check carefully are the flashings that surround chimneys and other areas of the roof. Check for cracks and, if so, seal them with tar, which can also be sprayed today.

Bird nests

In the spring, nature awakens and even birds resume nesting.

Some nests are welcome but others can cause damage. Therefore, it will be necessary to remove those built in positions that compromise attic ventilation and those that may obstruct chimneys and other home exhaust vents.

Checks should be periodic because you never know if a bird has decided to nest on the roof after the first check.

Other systems

Spring checks should not only cover the roof in the sense of the roof, but also any accessory systems that may have been installed on the roof.

Having to get on it, that is a good opportunity to test the efficiency of lifelines, if any, as well as the lightning arrestor system.

These, however, are checks to be made by specialized personnel to avoid compromising the functionality of the systems, thus creating even greater damage.