Roberto Sala
DIY Editor
Do-it-yourself enthusiast. I started with the renovation of my flat and then I changhed this passion into my job.

Re-decorating your apartment can be a great elixir to change something in your life. Let's find out together how changing our surroundings can be of great help to turn our days around.
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Pruning chainsaws are used for pruning! Seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?
The kitchen is the place where most household accidents happen.
Here's a trick to saving on heating costs by using bubble wrap films for packaging.
A Christmas without lights is always a bit sadder.
How to choose furniture for your home based on the best types of wood from which furniture is made.
The plants belonging to the genus Euphorbia are widespread and very appreciated and can certainly be a good choice to embellish a garden.
If we said that safety at work also passes through the comfort of the clothing you wear, would anyone be surprised?
Flooding in the home is an unpleasant and stressful situation.
It's a fact that our gardens are getting smaller and smaller, especially in the city, and so we need to get ingenious.
What would a world without mirrors look like? Hard to imagine, isn't it? Mirrors reflect us, hiding in this feature always something magical and elusive.
Matching many colors together is often a hazard, especially if we combine them on the same table.
Taking a dry shower is not something desirable, but in certain circumstances, it may be necessary.
Working on drywall stilts may seem bizarre but with a little practice they work wonders.
There are several ways to color concrete mix and cement , it all depends on the final use of the artifact we are going to color.
In this article we see how to clean up pine cones fallen from trees and make them suitable for use in Christmas decorations.
Practicality is a characteristic that we all appreciate and offering us something that simplifies our lives is a service that more and more companies are trying to reserve for us.
Renovating a house, especially rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, it is inevitable to think about the material you want to use for the floor and walls.
Mirrors in the garden are a striking way to enlarge the space and give a mysterious charm to our outdoor environment.


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