How To Make a Small Room look BIGGER with Mirrors

A wise use of mirrors can give brightness to small rooms and make them visually bigger.

A large mirror makes the room bigger and brighter
A large mirror makes the room bigger and brighter

It is a fact that the environments in which we find ourselves living, especially in cities, have become increasingly restricted and this contributes to giving many rooms a feeling of narrowness that makes those who are forced to live in them uncomfortable.

Buildings are often so close together that the sun never even reaches our windows directly.

No one likes to live in a dark and small room, but we are often forced to do so and therefore, in the impossibility of choosing, we must at least put in place all those solutions that can alleviate the psychological discomfort, while not going to structurally modify the space.

Even in country houses, however, the situation may not be any better. Old houses often have very thick walls and often quite small windows.

These structural features, in the past, had their own reason for being: thick walls were a necessity due to the lack of binders and insulating materials, so the problem was solved with walls that, for their thickness, were stronger and more insulating.

The small windows were given by the need not to dissipate heat during the winter, in houses that certainly did not have the possibility to be heated as those of today.

Those who have purchased a rustic country house may therefore be faced with these problems that cannot be structurally remedied.

So here are some ideas that will allow us to visually change the volumes of a room and make it brighter with the use of mirrors, without intervening with expensive masonry work.

Mirrors can be made of glass or acrylic. For DIY the latter are obviously advisable because they are lighter, easy to cut to size, and above all are more resistant to impact.

You can also buy them online, for example here:


Small bedroom illuminated by large window

large mirror in bedroom

In this case the problem may not be brightness, unless the large window has a particularly unfavorable exposure.

By inserting a mirror perpendicular to the stained glass window and contiguous to it, the double effect of making the room brighter and visually wider is achieved.

Wall cabinet covered with mirrors

Wall cabinet covered with mirrors

The closet is certainly the most voluminous piece of furniture in the bedroom and, if in the wrong color, besides contributing to making the room more cramped it also makes it much less bright.

Covering a closet with mirrors (in this case a built-in closet) can therefore be an interesting idea to enlarge the room and make it brighter.

Also in this case it would be better to use acrylic mirrors, as the weight of glass mirrors affects the stability of the closet doors.

Duplicate window with the use of mirror

mirror effect in bedroom

This solution is quite similar to that of the first figure, with the difference that the window does not extend to the wall but there is a single window.

By inserting a mirror on the wall adjacent to the one where the window is located, we therefore have a visual splitting of the same with a consequent increase in perceived brightness.

The dynamic effect of the matchboarding, laid horizontally, is also greatly expanded.

A mirror in the window recess

window recess with mirror

As I wrote above, in old houses the walls are quite thick and this certainly reduces the light that reaches the inside of the room.

By inserting a mirror in the window recess, vertically, we obtain as a result to visually vanish such thickness.

Window recesses are often flared and therefore the mirror will not be placed perpendicular to the window; this will somewhat detract from the effect of visual continuity but not from the increase in brightness.

The mirror placed in the window recess will also allow the sunlight to reflect back into the room, where it may have never been seen.


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