Interior decoration: why you should change the style of your home right away

Re-decorating your apartment can be a great elixir to change something in your life. Let's find out together how changing our surroundings can be of great help to turn our days around.

Interior decoration

Summer is over and most of us have returned to our daily routine: wake up, breakfast, a little jogging and then... Shopping, work (from home or at the office), kids and drinks with friends. Everything seems to be going great, despite the post-holiday stress, yet we have the impression that something is missing in our lives. Or rather that this something is there, but it's not quite in order.

Perhaps the surrounding you need to change to feel like you have everything under control is your home! A re-decorated and tidy apartment, in fact, is one of the keys to improving your mood and, consequently, your lifestyle.

Let's discover together some tricks to improve your home interior!

Take the right space

Okay, let's get started. Take a deep breath, walk through the rooms of your apartment as if it were not your own and ask yourself a simple question: does the organization of this house optimize space?

If you've been looking at your surroundings neutrally and objectively, chances are the answer is no, there is something I can do to make this home more spacious.

Placing mirrors to make the rooms look bigger, changing the furniture arrangement, choosing a more minimalist decor theme and throwing out the unnecessary are some quick and easy ways to make your home more spacious.

Order, order, order!

Great, you've started to make space for your home (and your life), however, you're still not completely satisfied. You have too many objects and too few rooms, consequently you are overwhelmed in the most sacred place: your home.

Stop moping: look for solutions, not problems! If you just can't throw away the items that create clutter, you need a bookcase, a desk with drawers, chests of drawers to hide under the bed, or decorative organizers that blend in seamlessly with the room. Figure out which of these organizational items best suits your needs and run out to purchase!

Goodbye cracks, hello colors

Wow, after organizing everything it already feels like a new apartment and it's so much easier to breathe easy. But there's still something wrong. You look up and notice that crack on the wall in the kitchen or living room that really bothers you, but you have absolutely no intention of painting all the walls again.

The solution? It could be a modern wallpaper, with a soothing, neutral-colored background that turns your room into a praise of modernity and the future (and no longer a reminder of the old and the past).

A corner of well-being

Now the house is clean, tidy and after applying wallpaper where needed the cracks no longer look at you sideways. Don't you already feel more energized and eager to face the new day ahead?

Yet there's still a little something you can do to improve your environment. Clear a corner of your room that is quieter and more peaceful, perhaps where the sun beats down in the morning, and create a wellness space where you can go to think, read and relax. You could decorate this corner of relaxation with a yoga mat, a comfortable chair, some books, a few candles and other accessories that contribute to the creation of a relaxed mindset.

Details and fluidity

As a last thing remember that what makes the difference in an apartment are the details. Try not to fix your home with glue and change some details from time to time. In this way the apartment will be a reflection of becoming and the desire to change and improve.