Porcelain stoneware, why you should choose it in home renovation

Renovating a house, especially rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, it is inevitable to think about the material you want to use for the floor and walls.

Porcelain stoneware flooring
Porcelain stoneware flooring

Porcelain stoneware, here are some of its qualities

Porcelain stoneware is certainly one of the options to consider: it is a material that is easy to clean and, at the same time, adds elegance to various environments.

You can find this material in different types and each of them has the appropriate characteristics to adapt to any type of room and environment.

If we are looking for resistance, porcelain tile floors are more resistant than ceramic tile, not surprisingly, they are more recommended in areas where floors and tiles are more subject to wear.

Also, it should be noted that because of their density, porcelain tiles are less prone to moisture absorption.

This means that they are more durable, reliable and more resistant to stains. This is another reason why porcelain stoneware floors are used more frequently in outdoor environments than ceramic ones.

Especially in cold climates, their low absorption capacity therefore makes them less prone to cracking and breaking.

Due to the unique way they are manufactured, in a single firing at very high temperatures, these floors are very durable. In fact, they have become very popular and well-regarded by those who intend to redo the flooring in home renovations, in recent years, because they are able to imitate other materials such as stone, marble and wood to perfection.

Porcelain Stoneware Floors

Porcelain tile floors are also ceramic tiles, but they have their own characteristics that differentiate them from other ceramic floors.

To begin with, these floors have certain and specific characteristics, the main ones of which are as follows:

  • It is very hard, that is, it is a durable floor, although this hardness implies a less comfortable tread than other floors;
  • It is a cold floor, so in summer it is a good option, although in winter it can be extremely cold;
  • The floor tiles weigh. Yes, they are heavy tiles, so it is advisable to talk to a professional to make sure the structure is secure and supports the weight;
  • Non-freezing. Since it does not absorb water, its use even outdoors ensures that it is not prone to cracking, due precisely to the absorption of water and then the subsequent turning of that water into ice;
  • It is a very non-porous material. This means that it does not require specific maintenance. Insensitive to acids and the most common stains, it guarantees a very long life both indoors and outdoors.

The importance of having porcelain stoneware in the kitchen

As is the case at any home, one of the most frequented areas of the house is undoubtedly the kitchen.

Food is prepared there, as well as being a meeting place for the members of the house.

This results in the need for greater cleanliness and hygiene than other areas, so the material chosen for the flooring will be essential.

For the kitchen, a porcelain tile will be indicated, since it is a floor that cleans easily. Not only that, but it resists impact, scratches and is also waterproof.

Hardness and resistance are part of the qualities of porcelain floors, so it's not surprising that they are used so much in homes. And especially if it's a place where there's a greater risk of falling objects, for example. Or that has a more intense use than other sites.

This type of porcelain tile flooring in kitchens has the quality of being easily installed.

And unlike other types of tiles, they do not require complicated maintenance.

In addition, today you can find a rich range of these floors, available in different colors and designs, even textures. That's why they fit very well in your kitchen, no matter if it is rustic, classic, minimalist or modern. Within the finishes range from concrete and stone, through marble and granite, to clay and wood.

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