The "rustrial" Style is The New Furniture Trend

The "rustrial" style comes from the composition of two words: rustic + industrial.

Rustrial Style

We can well count it among the trendy styles of 2022, representing a perfect osmosis between two ways of conceiving and furnishing the house that, apparently, are at the antipodes of each other.

Singles and young couples are those who most appreciate the rustrial style, but also the new working environments, perhaps based on shared spaces, the so-called coworking, can find in this type of furniture an alternative to the classic office.

What characterizes this new trend is the mix of elements and materials that, blending together, give life to a cozy, informal, neither too rustic nor too modern environment.

Terracotta, wrought iron, "raw" wood and leather upholstery are just some of the elements that can be used in rustic furnishings.

It is up to each of us to know how to calibrate these elements in order to obtain a homogeneous space, where the various components do not simply add up to each other but bind together harmoniously.

In a rustrial environment warm and cold colors coexist happily, so you can find a living room furnished with a large leather sofa, preferably with a worn look, with a crystal table with iron frame.

A touch of "steampunk" for lighting will make the mix even more pleasant.

This style is easier to recreate in larger rooms where, perhaps following a renovation, the original brick walls may have been brought back into view.

Everything is more difficult when it comes to the increasingly small and cramped apartments of big cities.

The rustic part, within this furnishing trend, is often guaranteed by salvaged or second-hand materials.

Large leather sofas with a lived-in look, for example, are almost always present in a home furnished in rustrial style.

rustrial living

Leather sofas are quite out of fashion, in recent years, but they find within these environments a second life, where they no longer appear as an ostentation of wealth but rather as a synonym of reuse.

The tables can be those made of rough wooden planks, rustic and massive, found in old country houses.

In the kitchen there are concrete tops and steel kitchens similar to those found in restaurants, extremely practical and functional.

rustrial style kitchen

As you can see, these are always seemingly distant materials that, however, find a new way to combine.

Furnishing accessories in the rustrial style

Furniture accessories also play an important role in identifying this style and, through their choice, you can even better explain the personality of the owners of the house.

Let's take a look at some of the complements that could show off in a rustrial environment.

Sunshade furniture panels

These panels, the best are those of the company Signorbit, are themselves very flexible, in the sense that they can perform multiple functions, from purely decorative to more functional, as sunbreaker panels.

In the case of large walls restored to rustic, brick or stone, it is obviously not possible to insert "normal" paintings and pictures.

These perforated forex panels, can therefore replace the paintings with their geometric and floral patterns, covering part of the wall that, otherwise, would be too bare and boring.

In the case of large windows, they can instead play the role of sunshade panels, perhaps installed on rails that allow them to slide as curtains.

These panels are quite light, 1 cm thick and 47x94cm in size. They can be placed side by side if mounted on special frames and framing.

As sunscreens for the garden are perhaps a bit 'light, but inside they find their perfect location.

Rustic tree stumps

The logs can become stools and tables for the living room after being properly deprived of the bark and cleaned,

They are certainly not comfortable to move but they bring us back to a natural dimension that gives well-being and good mood.

Obviously, even in this case, it will be a matter of recovered stumps, not to go and cut down ancient trees to make stools.

Steampunk lamps

While plastic, in a rustrial setting, is absolutely out of place, iron pipes and vintage bulbs get a great deal.

Steampunk lamps don't go unnoticed, especially if they mount vintage bulbs.

Steampunk and rustrial are two different styles but they can find points of convergence.

In a rustrial house, crystal chandeliers are certainly out of context, like other solutions that we could call "classic".

rustrial furnishing

Exposed bookcase

For book lovers, in the living room, can not miss an open bookcase, preferably made by attaching special wooden shelves directly to the wall, there is no need for a piece of furniture.

Also in this case, it is better to use rustic wooden shelves, perhaps treated only with wax to prevent them from accumulating too much dust and to facilitate cleaning.

Technical furniture

Workshop trolleys and chests of drawers can fit well into the rustic style, especially if they are not too brightly coloured.

Tool chests of drawers that we might normally see at our mechanic's could become bedside tables in our bedroom, perhaps to be placed next to a headboard made from more or less raw wood.

Between a New York loft and a Tuscan farmhouse

In short, the rustrial style is characterized by having, on the one hand, an urban and technological style, on the other hand, a rustic style typical of the Tuscan countryside.

bedroom rustrial style

Remember that, to get this style, you have to start from the existing structural elements, useless to try to create it from scratch, perhaps by resorting to wall coverings that simulate bricks, however realistic they may be.

Create a rustrial style means enhancing something that already exists by adding some element apparently distant but, as we have seen, can integrate in a completely natural way to get a new and original style.