The sofa under the stairs: pros and cons

The space under the stairs is always difficult to exploit and to place the sofa can be a good idea.

Sofa under the staircase

It can be a good idea, but some aspects must be well considered, as we will see.

Precisely because the under stairs space has some uneven heights, placing a piece of furniture that allows us to sit still may be the best idea to exploit a space that is otherwise difficult to furnish.

But even the space under the stairs, in order to place a sofa, needs minimum characteristics and, if it doesn't have them, we must try to create them.

What characteristics are we talking about?

First of all, the lowest area of the staircase is, always and in any case, unusable, if not to place small objects through the creation of a special compartment, as we shall see.

Secondly, the stairs that are best suited to place the sofa underneath, are not the straight ones, but those with a double ramp that have a few steps of invitation and then continue by turning 90 degrees.

couch alcova

Inviting steps already allow to raise the space of the staircase in a more harmonious way and a possible sofa would not appear as wedged inside an acute angle, the one formed when a single ramp meets the floor.

It is also necessary to consider what other elements the environment will present, besides the staircase and the possible sofa placed under it.

The sofa serves to create a convivial environment or to relax in front of the television, for example.

If, in front of the sofa, we do not manage to place a television set or create a convivial space with one or two armchairs and a low table, the sofa loses part of its charm and usefulness and becomes comfortable just to stretch your legs and take a nap without using the bed.

Another feature that would make the placement of the sofa under the staircase deplorable is the open staircase with open riser.

This type of staircase makes it unintentionally unpleasant to sit on the sofa, in addition to the fact that some of the dirt that settles on the steps ends up, inevitably, to fall on the sofa below.

So, although on the Internet you can find numerous examples of sofas placed under stairs of this type, I do not recommend it.

Dirt aside, there's always the awkward feeling of someone walking over our head when going up and down the stairs.

couch under stairs

Source: brookewagnerdesign

If this is true for more traditional open staircases, this is even more true for space-saving stairs.

In case we want to place the sofa under a single flight staircase, always remember to close the space of the lowest staircase.

To achieve what?

The possibilities are many, you can also simply close it with a fixed structure of plasterboard or masonry,

The space in the house, however, is always little and every nook and cranny should be properly exploited.

Therefore it is possible to realize, in that area, a custom-made cabinet-bar and possibly removable, if mounted on wheels.

It would be excellent and at the service of the sofa itself, to serve a few drinks without almost having to get up.

In the same way you can make a compartment that can contain small objects, excellent for example for those who want to have all the work tools in the house (drill, toolbox, etc.).

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