Compost Accelerator: Give A Boost To Home Composting

Preparing compost is not particularly difficult but it does require a bit of attention and, in certain cases, it is necessary to have a "little help".

Compost accelerator for the heap

The little help we are talking about is the compost activator, that is a mixture of bacteria which, added to the compost, promotes and accelerates the decomposition process.

It must be clarified, however, that these compounds play a role mainly in cases where the decomposition process of the compost heap is not optimal, but does not seem to affect much when the process already takes place correctly.


To make what we are talking about even clearer, think about the role played by milk enzymes on our organism and, in particular, on our intestines.

Many of us suffer from intestinal problems due to the fact that the bacterial flora, present in our intestines, is not able to properly break down the food in transit. Lactic ferments have therefore the function to regularize and increase the bacterial flora to the benefit of our intestinal well-being.

The same happens with compost and compost accelerator: when the microorganisms present in the compost heap are insufficient to break down the material, the activator can be added and it acts on the heap a bit like yogurt acts on our intestine, putting the enzymes and microorganisms present in the compost in the best conditions to do their job.

Remaining on the example of yogurt, however, we must not imagine that it can play a miraculous role in case of unbalanced nutrition: if we feed ourselves in a wrong way it is our diet that we must correct, first of all.

In the same way, we should not see in compost accelerators a miraculous solution that can make up for the mistakes we made in the preparation of compost.

In short, the golden rule is to follow closely the best practices for the preparation of compost and, if necessary, to use the compost accelerator which, let's remember, has a cost that affects the preparation of a material, compost, which should be by its nature absolutely zero cost or almost.

Is the compost accelerator not recommended?

No, the activator is not not recommended, but it is expensive and can be done without.

Those who are new to compost production, however, can find help in these products.

These products cost money, it is true, but if the alternative for the beginner is to lose the compost (or what should have been composted) and perhaps even the passion for home composting, then the advice is to have, at least in the first year, a product on hand that can make the whole process easier.

If in the first year you get good compost, perhaps even with the help of the activator, you will be encouraged to continue and, once you have learned in the field what could be corrected, from the second year you can already do without it.

What do compost activators contain?

Compost accelerators are usually composed of a mixture of enzymes, yeasts, bacterial cultures and mineral elements that have the function of stimulating the reproduction of aerobic microorganisms and thus accelerating the composting process.

These are natural elements without any particular toxicity and therefore it should not be imagined that adding these compounds to the heap will add who knows what chemical element.

Precisely because they are natural elements, however, they could easily be recovered elsewhere and, with a little effort, you could create your own compost accelerator.

The do-it-yourself compost activator

Some composting experts and enthusiasts have found that a simple recipe can be useful for activating soil microorganisms without having to resort to commercial compost activators.

This recipe consists of dissolving a pound of sugar and a cube of brewer's yeast in the warm water of a large watering can.

This mixture is sufficient for one cubic meter of material.

Fresh nettles, cut before flowering and then chopped up and steeped in water, are also rich in nitrogen and can replace commercial fertilizers.

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