Adhesive tape: the ideal ally for your DIY projects

Adhesive tape is a material that, thanks to the adhesive substance applied on one or both sides, allows objects to be glued together.

personalized adhesive tape

Its use is often associated with the industrial sector, as it is frequently used to close packaging.

To fulfill this purpose, there are various types, although the one that adheres perfectly to any type of material is gummed paper.

But the fields of application of the adhesive do not end here: it can be affixed to walls to prevent a surface from being painted, or used to perform office or school tasks.

The lockdown period has given new luster to the adhesive tape, which is widely used to do little jobs around the house to pass the time or to solve some small domestic problems.

DIY: how Covid-19 accentuated this phenomenon

The pandemic unleashed by the Coronavirus has made many people want to renovate their homes or get involved through practices such as DIY, thanks to the greater amount of time available.

Those who had a garden spent their days pruning plants, cutting grass and taking care of flowers, maybe even starting to cultivate a small vegetable garden as a pastime, also because they tried not to have professionals come in the house to take care of it since it is better not to be too much in contact with strangers.

For this reason, a considerable number of people have even improvised themselves as painters, taking advantage of the beautiful spring days, or as carpenters, fixing all those drawers or shutters that have not worked as they should for some time.

With the advent of Christmas and given the cloud of restrictions that will be approaching, people are dusting off the DIY crafts to make some gifts through the techniques of DIY and decoupage.

Adhesive tape: what can it be used for?

What creative uses can adhesive tape be used for?

Some may be bizarre, such as using it to force the cap of a jar that has no intention of opening, or others very subjective thanks to the personalized adhesive tapes, suitable to give an individual touch to the object to which they are applied.

When you want to give a touch of novelty to the house, the adhesive tape lends itself as a valuable ally to make it a unique and inimitable place.

On the market there are decorative scotch tape of various colors and patterns, perfect for giving style to both furniture and objects such as frames or glasses.

To obscure the surfaces that you do not want to paint or create ornamental effects, you use the shielding tape: just mark on the wall the points to be excluded during painting, and cover the parts with tape.

When the work is finished, immediately remove the tape to prevent it from sticking too much to the wall and taking away paint chips. Adhesive tape can itself become a decorative tool to make a city skyline on the wall, for example.

Some types of adhesive tapes are associated with a protective sheet that, with the help of static electricity, attracts paint drops and holds them thanks to its micro-pore conformation.

Working techniques for making DIY gifts

The Christmas air is beginning to be felt, and the restrictions in place are forcing Italians to spend long periods of time at home.

Why not occupy this time to think of some original gift ideas, perhaps using adhesive tape?

For a person who is particularly dear to you you can create a personal memory through the art of scrapbooking, a creative technique that consists in filling an album made of blank pages with photos, objects, embellishments, which the tape will fix forever. The theme that will inspire us for this project could be Christmas itself, buying decorative ribbons consistent with this phase of the year.

Decoupage remains a timeless method, with which you can give full vent to your creative nature, pasting with tape traditional Christmas images carefully cut out on the jars, then tracing the edges with a pencil and remove them, then fixing them with vinyl glue within the designated perimeter.

Before the Christmas holidays, it is traditional to set up a calendar full of treats called an Advent calendar, which can be made following the DIY method to make it even more personalized. One idea would be to get lots of small boxes to fill with whatever you want, wrap them with adhesive tape and stick labels on them to indicate the day of the month to give an indication of when they should be opened.

The balsa wood trees are another nice and original work: the adhesive tape in this case is functional in delimiting the parts of the cardboard that you do not want to color during the decoration phase.

If you want to make something more challenging and you are tired of the usual Christmas tree, the suggestion is to look for inspiration among the various galleries of DIY Christmas trees, two-dimensional ones take up little space and, even in this case, the tape can be of great help.

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