How to assemble a piece of furniture without nails, glue and joints

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to assemble and disassemble a piece of furniture without any knowledge of carpentry?

PlayWood corner connectors
PlayWood corner connectors

That's what the PlayWood corner connectors allow you to do: assemble a piece of furniture without the need to drill, glue, groove or use the otherwise necessary furniture hardware.

Of course, the furniture you get is quite basic, but it has the great virtues of being modular and, above all, being easy to assemble and dismantle.

Much easier than reading the assembly instructions for Ikea furniture.


Basically we are talking about clamps that allow you to connect two wooden panels that need to be cut to size.

You know the clamps that are used to hold picture frames together when gluing them together?

The system is more or less the same, except that these clamps are permanent, in the sense that, once applied, their function is to hold the structure together, without glue and nails.

What furniture can be created with corner connectors?

playwood angular connectors

The furniture you can assemble with these clamps is very varied, ranging from the TV stand to the open wardrobe, from the shoe rack to the bookcase, from the desk to the workbench.

The result is a structure that doesn't have a back or even front panels, unless you want to make them.

The structure is essential, it remains open at the front and back, its purpose is only to support more or less heavy loads, be they books, old vinyls and whatever else the imagination suggests.

Ok, they will not be structures that adapt to every type of furnishing, starting with the classic one, but they are excellent for those who love a functional and essential furnishing, young and jaunty looking.

Corner clamps play the role of traditional wood joints.

The wooden panels remain a little apart, not a big problem for a structure that is already open at the front and back.

Features of clamps for furniture assembly

I mentioned above that with these connectors you don't need screws, a drill etc., what you need is a simple Allen key to tighten the screw that holds the two parts of the plastic clamp together.

To assemble two panels you will need two clamps, to create a cube open on two sides you will need eight.

Obviously there is no rule: either more or fewer clamps can be used, bearing in mind that with fewer corner connectors the structure weakens and with more connectors it strengthens.

Therefore, when assembling our furniture we must pay attention to the load we expect it to bear.

It should also be noted that these connectors are designed to join wooden elements of the same thickness, otherwise they cannot work.

Removable furniture joints

In short, of all the types of joints to connect two wooden parts, this system is certainly the most practical and simple (leaving aside the "extreme" one that uses plastic bottles), suitable for anyone with a minimum DIY skills.

Are we moving and need to dismantle our furniture?

Nothing could be easier: we take our Allen key and with a little patience we loosen the clamps and then disassemble everything.

If the planks are not too big, they can be carried in the boot of a car and the clamps in a bag, so there's no need to hire expensive vans or contact specialist moving companies.

PlayWood's removable joints can be reused again and again, and if you're tired of your furniture, you can try to create another piece of furniture with a completely different function from the same wooden elements.

To sum up: these corner connectors for furniture have the function of simplifying our lives but, by their nature, the result we can obtain (from an aesthetic point of view) is not suitable for all furnishing styles.

There are occasions, however, when they can be really effective:

  • flats for students who cannot invest large sums in furniture
  • children's rooms
  • temporary events such as trade fairs and exhibitions that require quick assembly and disassembly of simple but functional furniture

And for even more creative furniture?


Well, if you're feeling particularly creative, there's more to corner connectors than just 90-degree connectors.

Here are a few other types of furniture clamps from PlayWood that will allow you to create even more elaborate structures:

  • cross connectors
  • T-connectors
  • 105° connectors
  • 150° connectors

All these furniture connectors are available in a wide range of colours to make your furniture as individual as possible.

You can choose a black colour for the clamp, if the wood you have available is black; in this case you get a homogeneous final colour.

In other cases, you can bring out the colour of the joints, perhaps by adopting a white colour with black wood, or vice versa.

I leave you with a video that explains better than a thousand words how these corner connectors work.

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