Roberto Sala
DIY Editor
Do-it-yourself enthusiast. I started with the renovation of my flat and then I changhed this passion into my job.

What would happen if, all of a sudden, at night, you discovered that your garden gnomes had turned into zombies ?
C OOKIE N OTICE This Cookie Notice has the objective to illustrate various cookie types, how to use them and gives instructions on how to refuse or eliminate cookies from your devices, if you wish. Su...
Working on drywall stilts may seem bizarre but with a little practice they work wonders.
Flooding in the home is an unpleasant and stressful situation.
Matching many colors together is often a hazard, especially if we combine them on the same table.
There are areas that are particularly subject to more or less strong winds that can become very annoying.
In this article we see how to clean up pine cones fallen from trees and make them suitable for use in Christmas decorations.
The pebbles of river or sea lend themselves particularly well to the realization of small paintings of stone, is what is called pebble art .
How many times have we found ourselves, after a snowfall or frost, having to take cover by spreading salt on the driveway and on the ramp leading to the garage?
There are several ways to color concrete mix and cement , it all depends on the final use of the artifact we are going to color.
Renovating a house, especially rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, it is inevitable to think about the material you want to use for the floor and walls.
The plants belonging to the genus Euphorbia are widespread and very appreciated and can certainly be a good choice to embellish a garden.
Do you know how many things you can do with just one can of polyurethane (PU) foam?
Do you want to bleach pine cones for one of your decorative projects? Here's the way to do it!
Every year, at Christmas, the problem of how to make fake snow to decorate the crib or the Christmas tree comes up again.
Adding a diverter to a faucet is a fairly simple operation and within everyone's reach.
Putting the sofa in the middle of the room is a personal choice that can be ideal in some circumstances.
Taking a dry shower is not something desirable, but in certain circumstances, it may be necessary.
If water has frozen in the pipes it is a serious problem that must be solved immediately.
Summer is here and with it the heat waves.


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