Roberto Sala
DIY Editor
Do-it-yourself enthusiast. I started with the renovation of my flat and then I changhed this passion into my job.

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Having a corner toilet can be a very interesting solution, in particular circumstances where a traditional toilet can not be installed.
Boulders, larger or smaller, made of faux rocks have their own specific purpose in the garden: to conceal pipes, covers, or utility pipes that would otherwise remain in plain sight.
When you own a workshop or industrial shed, the need is always to provide proper flooring.
The masonry work often requires having to cut solid or hollow clay bricks .
Dismantling a pallet is a somewhat challenging but essential operation if we want to recycle its wood.
The artificial Christmas tree needs a base to stand on but often the one provided is not very attractive.
The "rustrial" style comes from the composition of two words: rustic + industrial.
Chives are part of those aromatic herbs which enrich the taste of dishes.
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