How To Add A Faucet Splitter To Your Sink

Adding a diverter to a faucet is a fairly simple operation and within everyone's reach.

Faucet splitter

No special equipment is needed since, although it is a plumbing job, it does not require the addition of Teflon or anything else to ensure that there are no leaks.

Sealing washers - supplied with the diverter and any other piece that is normally added to it - and proper tightening of the pieces ensures that there are no water leaks.

But why would we want to install a diverter on the faucet, whether it's the sink, bidet or shower faucet?


bidet faucet deviator

The reasons are varied, but in almost all cases it is because we want to add an additional hand shower to the faucet.

My motivation for installing a faucet splitter and hand shower on the bidet faucet was to meet the needs of an elderly person with reduced mobility who had difficulty using the bidet.

What you need

To install a faucet splitter you need, of course, a faucet splitter.

The one I bought, for a little over 12 Euro, is this one:

Having this piece you can say that the work is practically completed, in the sense that you just have to remove the old tap breaker and install in its place the diverter with its sealing washer.

To remove and secure old and new parts you'll need wrenches of the appropriate size, but with a parrot pliers and/or regular pliers, you can do it all.

A faucet diverter is nothing more than a valve that, when opened or closed by means of a lever, is able to direct water to one outlet rather than another.

faucet valve diverter

 As you can see, a breaker is already installed on the diverter that is quite similar to the one I removed from the bidet faucet. The block is made of steel and seems of good quality.

As written above, once the faucet splitter is installed it is already working, just connect a hand shower and you're done.

In my case, however, also considering the fact that the person was elderly, I preferred to add an additional control option, that is, I preferred that the hand shower had a button to open and close the water jet.

Again, nothing particularly complicated, just connect the hose of the hand shower to the free outlet of the diverter (always adding the appropriate sealing washers) and the hand shower will be fully functional.

However, I didn't want the hand shower to have a bulky tube so I opted for a hand shower that had an accordion tube that is very long on one side but that when curled up takes up very little space.

hand shower

As you can see from the photo above, this hand shower features a proprietary adapter that allows for quick attachment and release of the hand shower.

proprietary adapter

To join this connection to the body of the diverter, it became necessary to purchase in additional adapter.

In this case, if you don't know exactly which one to choose, perhaps it's best to go to a plumbing supplies center to check the size and suitable threading.


In short, in the end, the components needed to install this faucet splitter you see in the picture below, with already the position they will occupy, once joined.

all components

The advice is to join these pieces together and only then join the assembly to the faucet.

You can see the result below.


As you can see, the whole block protrudes a few inches more than the original diverter.

This is not a big problem if we install the diverter at the sink or shower, but in the case of the bidet it can cause problems when you sit down.

I certainly wouldn't have opted for this solution if it had simply stayed that way. In fact, a bidet riser was also purchased that allows the elderly person to sit more easily and the diverter block, in this way, remains below the seating level without creating any discomfort.

With a hand shower installed at the bidet, intimate hygiene is made easier but this is not the only use you can make of a faucet diverter.

You can use the same hand shower to:

  • wash your pet
  • wash your hair without using the shower
  • water your plants on the windowsill

It's a solution that can also prove beneficial when you're on vacation, for example.


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