Plasterboard shelves

Practicality is a characteristic that we all appreciate and offering us something that simplifies our lives is a service that more and more companies are trying to reserve for us.

Plasterboard shelves

Plasterboard is one of the most versatile materials that exist and, through it, you can create an incredible variety of structures, from bookcases to TV cabinets, from partitions to separate two rooms to plasterboard ceilings and veils for LED lighting.

All this is made possible by the easy workability of the material, which makes it suitable even for the DIY enthusiast.

However, working with plasterboard can also be laborious, including cutting and milling the sheets, gluing, assembling, filling and so on.

For this reason, some companies provide a service that allows you to receive directly at home ready-made plasterboard shelves, which only need to be installed on the wall.

To make a U-shaped plasterboard shelf it is necessary to mill a sheet of plasterboard in two places, in order to create V-shaped grooves that will then allow you to bend the sheet at 90 degrees.

This sounds difficult but if you have a milling machine with a suitable cutter, a workbench and take careful measurements, it is easier than you imagine.

It's still a long job that not everyone wants to do, especially if the structure with plasterboard shelves that you want to create is quite elaborate and not just a single shelf.

Yes, because the beauty of plasterboard is that you can also create elaborate and original structures and give vent to your imagination.

Plasterboard floated or recessed shelves

Having said that these shelves have a U-shaped structure and are basically empty inside, there are actually two types of shelves, depending on the type of use that will be done.

Floating plasterboard shelves are those that have a side closure and are used to create exposed and suspended shelving.

This type of shelves are ideal for achieving a "light" look, so much so that they seem to be suspended in the air. The shelves in plasterboard without side closure are instead those that are expected to be inserted in structures-let's say so-more classic.

When we have masonry or plasterboard uprights, these shelves find their ideal application.

In fact, it would not make sense to close them laterally, since it is the structure itself that closes them.

How the plasterboard shelves are anchored

These shelves do not use visible support, and this is what makes them aesthetically very interesting.

To fix the structure or the single shelf to the wall, aluminum or steel profiles are used and the hollow part of the shelf, at the back, is embedded in these profiles, and then it is further fixed with screws.

When finished, therefore, the shelves seem to be suspended in the air and hence the sense of lightness of this type of structures.

Having well in mind the final structure we want to obtain, consequently, all that remains is to order more shelves, closed sideways and not, depending on the needs, and then combine them together to obtain very interesting geometric structures.

The final structure will appear as a broken line, open or closed, with a very modern design.

However, it is also possible to curve the plasterboard in order to combine straight lines with curved lines, obtaining even more elaborate and interesting structures.

Structures for modern interiors

Notwithstanding the fact that everyone furnishes his own house as he thinks best, it is impossible not to underline how these plasterboard shelves are not suitable for a classic furnishing and find much more space in modern furniture.

They are "clean" structures, in a certain sense minimalist, and they are often associated with LED lighting that accentuates their modern character.

LED lighting is another big plus that allows these structures to be even more visible.

You can even choose plasterboard shelves in which a groove is already provided to allow the housing of LED strips.

In all cases, the hollow structure of the shelves offers ample opportunities to run cables through them or to accommodate spotlights, if desired.

In short, if you have a project in mind, know that with the ready-made plasterboard shelves it is quite easy to complete it, just focus on taking good measurements and leave the task of assembling the shelves to others, all that will be left for you to do is to install them properly.

There's no grouting required on the edges, and your drywall shelf structure is immediately ready to be painted.