Sofa in The Middle of The Room

Putting the sofa in the middle of the room is a personal choice that can be ideal in some circumstances.

Sofas in the middle of the room

The question that must be asked is whether the room is large enough to "tolerate" such a choice. The "problem", in fact, is all here.

This is a diametrically opposed choice to relegating the sofa under a staircase, for example.

Putting the sofa in the center makes sense if you have a living room large enough to allow it.

The living room is the most comfortable and "social" room in the house and you may decide to sacify the dining table a bit in favor of a large area composed of one or more sofas.

One or more sofas because, placed in the center of the room, a single sofa would not make sense.

The sofa should therefore be combined with another sofa to be placed in front, or a pair of comfortable armchairs, or even a sofa that is segmented to form an "L" or a "U".

A low table does the rest, to make the area really a place to relax where to welcome friends and have long chats in absolute comfort.

A sofa could occupy the center of the room even if, in fact, in the center is not.

Imagine a large rectangular room, if you have the ability to separate, at least visually, the room into two environments, the dining room and the living room, you can get a great compromise.

With a large arch made of plasterboard or masonry, for example, the two rooms are connected but at the same time distinct.

For this reason, the sofa could occupy the center even if, in fact, it is not in the center, considering the living room as a whole.

If the two rooms are physically separated by a wall, the problem does not arise: the sofa can be placed in the center as well as against a wall, it all depends on the width of the room.

A sofa placed in the middle of the room also has a much greater visual impact, in the sense that you can see not only the seat but also the rest, something that many people underestimate thinking that the "B side" is not very important.

It follows that the finishes of the sofa should be well executed from whatever side you look at it.

If you decide to create a conversation area, with one or more sofas placed in the center of the room, you must also choose well the characteristics of this piece of furniture.

The sofa should be neither too soft nor too rigid, it must have a good degree of support so as not to cause joint pain to those who sit on it for a long time.

In short, it is often almost instinctive to put a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa, against a wall.

It's a practical approach that essentially helps guide us on where all the rest of the furniture should fit.

However, there's a lot more you can do with a sofa than just push it against a wall in a large living room.

Sometimes a seemingly bold choice like placing it in the center of the room can result in a much more relaxed and welcoming space.

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